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In accordance with the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act and 35 U.S.C. §287(a), this page is intended to serve as notice of NuWave, LLC products which may be protected by one or more patents.

NuWave® Infrared Oven
Elite: US 8,835,810; US 7,964,824; US 6,936,795; US 6,201,217
Pro Plus: US 6,936,795; US 6,201,217; US D490,648; US D487,670
Pro: US 6,936,795; US 6,201,217; US D490,648; US D487,670
Mini: US 8,330,083; US D693,643; US D651,850; US D651,456

NuWave® Precision Induction Cooktop
Flex: US 9,226,343; US 9,648,667; US 10,098,187; US D651,448
Gold: US 9,226,343; US 9,648,667; US 10,098,187; US D651,448
Platinum: US 9,226,343; US 9,648,667; US 10,098,187
Titanium: US 9,226,343; US 9,648,667; US 10,098,187; US D651,448

NuWave® Brio
Patent Pending

NuWave Bruhub®
US 10,827,874
US D887,205
US 10,849,453
US D935,271

NuWave Duet®
US D926,513
US D915,125
US D915,126
Patent Pending

NuWave OxyPure®
Patent Pending

NuWave Nutri-Master®
Patent Pending

NuWave® Flavor Lockers
Pump: US D663,746; US 9,708,114; US 9,637,298

NuWave Duralon® Non-Stick Cookware
US D734,091; US D693,627; US 9,833,101

NuWave Alset® LEDs
All Purpose: US D761,974
Candle: US D762,311
Flood: US D761,975
Flood 6.5: US D761,973

NuWave® Accessories
Baking Kit: US D714,583
Cast Iron Grill: US D651, 851
Party Mixer: US D729,573; US D651,040

Other Patents
Apparatus for Roasting Coffee Beans: US 5,564,331
Coffee Roaster Having Multiple Roasting Stages: US 6,770,315
Combination Rotisserie and Convection Oven Having Movable Heating Element: US 6,809,297
Counter-top Cooker Having Multiple Heating Elements: US 6,917,017
Counter-top Electric Cooker having a safety shut-off switch: US 6,617,554
Counter-top Electric Oven: US 6,747,250
Device for Controlling the Rotation Cycles in a Washing Machine Engine: 288989 (Mexico)
Electric wok: US D761,613
Hair Moisturizing Attachment for use with a Hair Dryer: US 5,761,824
Vacuum Blender US 10,556,208
Vacuum Blender Base US D834,878; US D851,444
Convection Oven Power Head US D887,207, US D 825,991
Handling for Electric Grill US D849,467
Air Fyer Housing US D836,381, US D871,827
Air Fryer Basket US D834,889, US D853,787

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