Revolutionary 5-Filter System
Protects against lead, pollen, smoke, pet dander, gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
The Stainless Steel Pre-Filter, which is also washable and reusable captures larger particles, pollutants, and allergens such as pollen, pet hair, and dander.
The OxyPure®’s Bio-Guard Filter uses Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP), which is washable and reusable, captures and traps particle pollutants as small as 0.09 microns. No other air purifier on the market captures particle pollutants down to sizes of 0.09 microns!
The Ozone Emission Removal Filter, eliminates harmful ozone gas (O3) from the home to less than 1 ppb – 70 times less than the EPA’s household standards of 70 ppb.
Most HEPA filters are good against particle pollutants, but the OxyPure®'s combination HEPA/Carbon Filter not only traps particles and allergens; it also traps industrial, household, and vehicle fumes and emissions; VOCs such as formaldehyde, benzene and other cleaning chemicals; and household and cooking odors.
6 Fan Speeds
The OxyPure®'s powerful, whisper-quiet DC Motor offers a full range of fan speeds from a gentle breeze to turbo, that lets you clean the air at your pace, and comfort level.
6 Air Quality Levels
With the OxyPure®’s color-coded display, you will know at a glance how clean, or dirty, your air is, and be able to take action immediately.
Six Odor Levels
The OxyPure®’s advanced odor detection system alerts you in real time to odor issues in the air, allowing you to eradicate them quickly and easily.
Eco-Friendly Mode
The OxyPure® stays off until it detects poor air quality. Once it does, it automatically goes to the highest fan level until the air improves, and then it shuts off. This function, unique to the OxyPure®, is a huge energy-saver.
Sleep Mode
Automatically turns off all indicator lights and allows for flexible fan speeds and noise levels to promote ideal sleeping conditions.
You can track, monitor, and operate the OxyPure® from virtually anywhere using the NuWave® Connect app and your smartphone.
Ultimate Clean
The OxyPure® reacts based on air quality, automatically adjusting the fan to a higher speed when its advance sensors detect a sudden drop in the quality of the air.
2 Certifications
The OxyPure® is certified by the California Air Review Board (Carb), and the EPA’s Energy Star.