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Meet the NuWave Infinity Blender

The Infinity Blender is a commercial-grade blender available for use in your home. Take advantage of six presets and 10 power settings to blend everything from drinks to sauces and even piping hot soups in the 64-ounce BPA-free Tritan Jar in this NSF-certified blender.

What Sets the NuWave Infinity Blender Apart From the Rest

Sharp & Precise
The Infinity Blender’s laser-cut stainless steel blades are specially designed to be sharper, thinner, and stronger than most blender blades to slice foods more efficiently while creating less oxidation for a smoother, tastier blend.
We Put the Infinity Blender to the Test
Powerful & Fast
The powerful 2.5hp motor ensures the NuWave Infinity Blender can handle virtually anything you want to blend without overheating. Even when fully loaded with ingredients, the Infinity Blender can reach speeds of up to 17,000 RPM for smoothies made up to 30% faster.
See the Infinity Blender's Power in Action
Durable & Long-Lasting
The 64-ounce blending jar is made from incredibly durable Tritan materials. The stainless steel metal drive system and high-performance bearings ensure the NuWave Infinity Blender can run as many as 15,000 cycles – that’s 100 years’ worth of blending!
The Infinity Blender Outlasts the Competition

You Can’t Beat the Infinity Blender’s Versatility

With six preset functions and 10 variable power settings, it’s never been easier to blend your favorite drinks, sauces, desserts, and so much more. Whether you’re making healthy smoothies, nut butters, or snow cones, the NuWave Blender has just the right setting for you.

NuWave Infinity Blender Benefits

The NuWave Infinity is truly a commercial-grade blender that meets the standards required by professional smoothie shops and restaurants, yet it’s available for use in your home.
Prepare Piping Hot Soups
The NuWave Infinity Blender can turn raw ingredients into piping hot soup in mere minutes using the power of friction heat – no stove required!
Self-Clean Feature
Don't worry about cleaning your blender, as the NuWave Infinity will clean itself. Just add some soap and water to the jar, turn the dial to the Clean preset, and let the NuWave Blender do the rest.
Built To Last
The stainless steel metal drive system and high-performance bearings ensure the NuWave Infinity Blender can run as many as 15,000 cycles or 100 years’ worth of blending.
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