NuWave OxyPure HEPA Air Purifier - nuwavehome
NuWave OxyPure HEPA Air Purifier - nuwavehome
NuWave OxyPure HEPA Air Purifier - nuwavehome
NuWave OxyPure HEPA Air Purifier - nuwavehome
NuWave OxyPure HEPA Air Purifier - nuwavehome
NuWave OxyPure HEPA Air Purifier - nuwavehome

NuWave OxyPure HEPA Air Purifier

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NuWave OxyPure HEPA Air Purifier

Regular price $119.99
Sale price $119.99 Regular price

Dimensions: 7.63" (D) x 7.63" (W) x 16.75" (H)

Weight: 3.55 lbs

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Beyond True HEPA

The OxyPure HEPA’s filter is double sided to increase its cleaning power. The HEPA side filters out particles and the other side made from activated carbon filters our fumes and odors.

One-Touch Controls

With just a single button, the OxyPure HEPA makes it incredibly easy to keep your air clean. Just press the button once to turn the unit on and press it again to increase the fan speed.

OxyPure HEPA Air Purifier Overview

Purify The Air

The OxyPure HEPA captures particles as small as 0.3 microns to help you breathe easy.

3 Fan Speed Options

The OxyPure HEPA has 3 fan speeds which can be selected with the simple press of a button. Select from 400, 800 or a whopping 2,450 RPM.

Fight Back Against Allergies

With the OxyPure HEPA, you can breathe easy knowing that pollen, pet dander and other airborne allergens are being removed from the air.

Energy Star Certified

The OxyPure HEPA exceeds the EPA’s standard for energy efficiency with its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) to Watt ratio, meaning you can enjoy clean air without paying high energy bills.

Ideal For Medium Sized Spaces

The OxyPure HEPA keeps the air fresh in just about any room in your home up to 300 sq ft from the bedroom to the living room or even your home nursery.

Enjoy Better Sleep

The OxyPure HEPA can keep allergens and other irritants out of your bedrooms, helping you get a good night’s sleep without any sneezing or sniffling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 470 reviews
Bob V
Definitely worth the price.

The cost was up there but I feel it was well worth it. Breathing in my house has been noticeably easier which helps with my COPD.

ozzie crossing
A Must Especially for Pet Owners.

Our whole family has allergies and asthma we were sneezing all the time not only from dust and pet dander but other allergens in the air. I used to have to dust my blinds and furniture once a week, there would be dust on the baseboards ... Thanks to Nuwave Oxypure I haven't had a dust particle settle in the past almost 2 months. Our Asthma and Allergy Symptoms have improved way beyond what I could've hoped for. I can tell within the half hour if it's been turned off. The air quality is Amazing!!

Love at first smell

Well about a year ago I bought the large OXY Pure and I must say just WOW it has done everything and more and cleaning is a breeze ,Then about a month or so I saw a infomercial on its little brother so I bought it now I have one in my bed room and one downstairs .We smoke cigars have a wood burner two cats two dogs and it amazing and I could go on and on . You will not regret spending the money its worth every penny.

Gary S.
Absolutely A (+) Great Product!

I recently received the NuWave OxyPure & it has met all my expectations. It is a high quality air filtration unit, very well made & operates like a car with all the options. First, it was packed very well, I mean very tight and secure. Even the tape used to secure the enclosure was meticulously cut and placed in uniform where it was needed. It just showed the attention needed for a product that demands it be protected during shipment, so the customer gets their unit in perfect condition. The filter setup & cleaning process is what sold me as most important. And I got the 4 free charcoal filters and the 5th year and beyond deal that was awesome. The odor and dirty air sensors are highly sensing; for example, it senses bathroom air fresheners down the hall. Also, odors from cooking or from baking. It definitely removes all odors while leaving the air fresh and clean. It feels good knowing the air I'm breathing is healthy for my respiratory system and well being. If you're looking for a filter unit, this unit will not disappoint.

New to NuWave

Live in Arizona, specifically North Scottsdale. The air here is very dusty and on top of that we have 2 dogs. Immediate results with the NUWAVE! Air is so much better now that we have the OxyPure. Getting a much better nights sleep and wake up without stuffy nose. House smells better too, no more dander about the house. Very pleased with the results. Own three and looking at 2 more for the guest rooms. Will be purchasing for our Colorado home as well.

great features

I have had mine for a couple of years and am very happy on how it cleans the air.