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Dimensions: 12.24" (L) x 9.45" (W) x 12.64" (H)

Weight: 13 lbs

Voltage: 120 V

Wattage: 1500 W

Meet the Bruhub® Coffee Maker

Standard Brew

For when you want a standard cup of coffee

Bold Brew

Increases the length of the steeping process for bolder flavor

Iced Coffee

Brews a stronger, more concentrated coffee that won't become watered down when poured over ice

Hot Water

Use the Hot Water Insert to make perfectly hot water that's free of any unwanted cofffee taste

Nuwave BruHub® Overview

Customized Brew

The Single Serve Insert lets you make an 8 or 12-ounce cup of coffee using your favorite coffee pods. The Custom Brew Insert lets you brew a full or half carafe of your own coffee grounds. Finally, the Hot Water Insert lets you make instant hot water for tea, hot cocoa, ramen and more, all while bypassing the coffee chamber to ensure no unwanted coffee taste.

Pure, Clean Water

The BruHub uses a glass water heating chamber to eliminate any unpleasant metallic taste you get from other coffee makers. It also utilizes the exclusively designed charcoal filter, which is included with every BruHub, to filter the water your coffee is brewed with.

Flavor Infusion

The BruHub utilizes a unique flavor infusion to wet your coffee grounds, where a small amount of water is used to prepare the coffee for brewing, just like decanting a bottle of wine. Plus, the unique showerhead offers a consistent and steady water flow to get the most out of your coffee grounds.


What is included with the Nuwave BruHub coffee maker?

The Nuwave BruHub Coffee Maker comes with several parts and attachments to enrich your coffee-drinking experience. Your BruHub will include an attachable plastic carafe, a year's supply of filters, and a removable water tank for easy filling. You’ll also be able to choose from three different inserts for either single-serve cups of coffee, full pots, or hot water.

Does the Nuwave BruHub use coffee grounds or coffee pods?

The BruHub utilizes both coffee grounds and coffee pods. Having a choice between the two methods allows the BruHub to accommodate coffee drinkers of all types. Whether you’re brewing for yourself or an entire party, or whether you're a coffee aficionado or a grab-and-go drinker, the Nuwave BruHub coffee maker will be there with bold flavors.

How do you clean a Nuwave BruHub Coffee Maker?

To clean the Nuwave BruHub coffee maker, start by discarding any coffee pods or grounds in the machine. Rinse out the reservoir with warm water and refill it with fresh, cold water. Next, place a container under the brewer to catch the water as you initiate a cleaning cycle. As the BruHub runs the cleaning cycle, it will use the water to flush out any coffee grounds or debris accumulated in the brewer. After cleaning any spills or stains, your Nuwave BruHub coffee maker will be ready for action.

What type of filter does the Nuwave BruHub use?

The Nuwave BruHub coffee maker utilizes charcoal filters. Charcoal filters will remove chemicals and impurities from the water, further improving the taste. A year's supply of charcoal filters is included when you buy the Nuwave BruHub. No prep is required when adding a new charcoal filter. Simply slide one into the filter slot, and you’ll be ready for another brew.

Can I make iced coffee in the Nuwave BruHub Coffee Maker?

Yes. Unlike other coffee makers that end up providing a watered-down mixture, the BruHub sets itself apart by producing a concentrated coffee blend. Due to the extended length of the steeping process, every cup of iced coffee from the Nuwave BruHub will be flavorsome beyond compare. Select the “Iced Coffee” setting on the device, then pour over ice to enjoy.

Customer Reviews

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Brew Hub Coffee Maker

I love this coffee maker, which is why we have purchased 2 so far. The lid keeps breaking in the same place, every time. My husband will no longer continue to purchase this if the manufacturer refuses or is unable to fix this defect, which has been the highlight of multiple reviews for many years. PLEASE FIX THIS!!


Had my Bruhub for more than year now, it's great and brewed perfect coffee either hot or cold. But the only problem was the materials on the lid area where it lock to closed was very easy to break and I end up holding it down to finish the brewing also just yesterday the plastic part next to the needle broke too (thanks to super glue). if you notice also the coffee pod insert for single cup has a little cracked towards the bottom needle when it arrived which make it easy to break.


Had my maker for a few years. Always brewed perfect coffee. The unit has a weak point in the lid fatigues and cracks to where the lid no longer stays securely shut for the brewing process to complete. Basically you need to hold the lid closed if not at the end of brewing when the air blows it pops the lid open making coffee grinds blow out and stops the completion of the brew.. that being said I really did love this coffee maker as it did it all.

A year and a half of use

The best coffee maker we have ever bought. My wife like all the conveniences and we both like the flavor of the coffee it makes. The great flavor remains the same pot after pot after pot.

Michelle M
Love it!

I have enjoyed this since I bought it. I wouldn't go back to my other coffee maker if I was paid to.

The best Coffee maker I ever have

This is the best coffee maker I ever have, everything is perfect except for a little design issue, the single serve insert (needle) is easy to break, I hope that they will re-design it to make it more durable and also the carafe doesn't hold the coffee hot. The carafe can only hold the coffee hot for a few minutes. Otherwise I'm satisfied with the bruhub in fact I have many Nuwave products that I purchased and very satisfied with them.