NuWave Pro-Smart Oven - nuwavehome
NuWave Pro-Smart Oven - nuwavehome
NuWave Pro-Smart Oven - nuwavehome
NuWave Pro-Smart Oven - nuwavehome
NuWave Pro-Smart Oven - nuwavehome
NuWave Pro-Smart Oven - nuwavehome
NuWave Pro-Smart Oven - nuwavehome

Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven

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Outside Dimensions (without the handle): 17" (L) x 18" (W) x 13.25" (H)
Outside Dimensions (with the handle): 17" (L) x 21.5" (W) x 13.25" (H)
Inside Dimensions: 14.38" (L) x 11.88" (W) x 11.13" (H)
Weight: 33.48 lbs
Capacity: 34 QT
Voltage: 120 V
Wattage: 1800 W

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Parts & Accessories

Air Fry Basket

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Light Bulb

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No More Guesswork

The digital temperature probe of the Pro-Smart Oven measures the internal temperature of your food as it cooks. Once your food reaches the desired temperature, the probe can shut off the Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven preventing over and undercooking.

Digital Display

The oven temperature and timer are always visible in big, easy-to-read numbers on the Pro-Smart Oven. The recommended rack levels are also clearly displayed for each for the 20 presets.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Now, you can monitor your food and adjust the settings on the fly from virtually anywhere after connecting the Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven to your home Wi-Fi network.

Nuwave Pro-Smart Overview

Easy One-Touch Cooking

The Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven does the thinking for you thanks to its 20 convenient cooking presets along with 100 pre-programmed recipe functions available at your fingertips.

Adjustable Triple Heating Technology

The Pro-Smart Oven includes independently adjustable heating elements in the top, bottom, and rear, plus a convection fan with three fan speeds, giving you the power to cook your food from all sides at once.

Multi-Layer Cooking

With a whopping 34 quarts of cooking capacity and four rack-level options, there’s enough room to bake two 12-inch pizzas, air fry up 40 ounces of fries, cook 12 chicken breasts or even roast a 15-pound turkey.

Digital Temperature Control

The Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven can cook between 50°F and 500°F, adjustable in 5°F increments with the simple turn of a knob. You can even take advantage of convenient Sear, Preheat, and Stage Cooking buttons on the Nuwave Pro-Smart, available at your fingertips.

3D Cooking Capabilities

Take advantage of superheated cyclonic air generated by the powerful rear heating coils coupled with the top and bottom quartz heating elements, which ensures that your food is cooked from all sides for delicious results made quickly and evenly.

Easy To Clean

All racks and trays are easily removable for cleaning. The Grill/Griddle Rack is non-stick to minimize the amount of scrubbing needed. All removable Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven parts and accessories are even dishwasher-safe.


Can the Pro-Smart Oven be used as an air fryer?

Yes, the Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven includes multiple pre-set functions, one of which is air fry. You can cook any food to crispy perfection using the Pro-Smart Oven. See our line of Nuwave air fryers as well as other countertop ovens and grills.

What are some of the most popular Pro-Smart Oven recipes?
What are some of the Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven accessories that you should purchase?

See all of our Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven parts and accessories to add to your Pro-Smart Oven. We offer the Pro-Smart Oven power base, grill/griddle plate, air fryer basket, pull out crumb tray, drip/baking pan, digital temperature probe, and more.

What is the best way to use the Pro-Smart Oven?

The Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven has technology advances like built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can adjust the temperature and pre-programmed settings anywhere. The Pro-Smart Oven has many cooking functions, including dehydrate, bake, broil, air roast, grill, proof, toast, pizza, and air fry so that you can cook your food perfectly and evenly every time.

Can you cook with metal, glass, foil, or parchment paper in a Pro-Smart Oven?

Yes, you can use any bakeware or cookware that you’d use in a conventional oven if it’s oven-safe. Line your pans and baking sheets with foil or parchment paper for even easier cleanup and to help your food stay crispy as it cooks in the Nuwave Pro-Smart Oven.

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
I was waiting for this smart oven with WiFi &BlueT

I bought this new NuWave smart oven five weeks ago love it . Previously, I had the NuWave bravo XL very good also but I needed one with Wi-Fi thanks great idea works very well, much better than some more expensive ones which I give away after receiving the smart pro oven. Tossed well, air fry bake, broil, proof,Grill, and much more Great product.

NuWave for life
Amazing Technology

I received the pro-grill from my wife for my birthday. I asked for a ring but I'm so happy I got this!! This cooks meat perfectly... I've never had meat this good even at a fine dining restaurant!! The probe makes it idiot proof and it perfect!! You cook almost your entire dinner at once and there are so many recipes that I don't see us getting through all of them very soon!! #incrediblysmartbuy

Love this

I was so happy when I received this my air fryer had just stopped working, literally heaven sent. I gave my self enough time to review, this is perfect even better than my old gourmeia air fryer. The only thing is I wish it was more compact it does take up most of my countertop. I've made so many dinners with this, and look forward to making so many more.

Great product

Great oven, would recommend spending the money to get this oven. Many varieties of foods you can cook in this oven, it is a little large.

The Kitchen Gadget I didn't Know I Needed

This is such a game changer. When I don't want o heat up my whole apt with the full size oven, enter the NuWave! This thing can do everything! I've air fried, I've baked, I've re heated, I've toasted. This is truly a magic kitchen addition. I use it regularly and don't know how I loved so long without it. My only complaint is I haven't quite figured out to keep the oil from sometimes setting off my super sensitive smoke smoke alarm. I would absolutely recommend the NuWave, especially in a small apartment like mine.

Lots of bells & whistles!

What a great little combo appliance! It does it ALL! From toasting to baking to air frying to dehydrating, it's multi-function at its best! There are definitely a lot of features, that require manual reading to figure out. My husband has declared that it's too hard for him to figure out & he hasn't used it. It's not the most intuitive with all the selections you can choose, and it may even be overboard with all the settings it offers. You can even choose the fan location & power! I do like that it has Wi-Fi connectivity, and the temperature probe is very helpful to check on the food temperature w/o having to be in the kitchen or open the oven. It is large & does take up some counter space, but it wasn't that much larger than the cuisinart air fryer/toaster oven combo. The inside of the NuWave, however seems much bigger.
I find that it cooks pretty evenly, and quicker than my regular oven.
I would definitely recommend this appliance to someone who is tech savvy & wants a machine that can do it all. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who likes to keep it simple.