Nuwave Primo Grill Oven

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Dimensions: 12.6" (L) x 13.38" (W) x 13.58" (H)

Weight: 13 lbs

Voltage: 120 V

Wattage: 1500 W

Meet the Nuwave Primo® Oven

Powerful Cooking Technology

The Nuwave Primo has 1500 watts of cooking power with intuitive digital controls, giving you total control.

Frozen to Fabulous

The Nuwave Primo Oven eliminates the need to defrost because the conduction, convection, infrared, and direct contact heat cooks food on all sides.

Nuwave Primo Overview

The Best of an Oven & Grill Together

The Nuwave Primo Grill Oven combines conduction, convection, infrared, and direct contact heat to evenly cook your food on the inside and outside at the same time.

No More Guesswork

The Nuwave Primo Grill includes an integrated digital temperature probe that measures the internal temperature of your food as it cooks. The probe can shut off the Primo Oven once your food reaches that set temperature, ensuring you’ll never under or overcook your food again.

User-Friendly Digital Controls

Take advantage of 100 pre-programmed Primo Grill Oven recipes, independently adjustable top and bottom heating elements, along with convenient Preheat, Sear, Warm, Reheat, and Stage cooking functions.


Does the Nuwave Primo Grill Oven char-grill food?

Yes, the Primo Grill chars food to perfection, as you’d expect your outdoor gas or charcoal grill to do. The results you’ll get with the Nuwave Primo Grill Oven are exceptional, and you’ll love grilling all of your favorite foods in the comfort of your own kitchen. This Primo Grill Oven allows you to get those grill marks all year round.

What are the most popular Nuwave Primo Grill Oven recipes?

Some of the tastiest Nuwave Primo recipes include the Decadent Fudge Chocolate Glazed Brownies, Roasted Baby Carrots with Farm Butter & Fresh Chives, Grilled Cajun Gulf Shrimp Assorted Squash Brochette, and Roasted Turkey Breast with Fall Harvest Vegetables. We have grill oven recipes for desserts, meals, and sides – all available to create in our Primo Oven.

What are the best ways to use the Primo Grill Oven?

The Nuwave Primo Grill Oven offers the versatility of both an oven and a grill. With the Nuwave Primo, you can warm or reheat food, sear vegetables, meat, or seafood, and bake delicious treats. See our entire collection of countertop ovens and grills.

What parts and accessories come with the Nuwave Primo?

The Primo Oven includes the Power Dome, a digital temperature probe, the dome holder, a recipe book, and a non-stick grill plate. See our Nuwave Primo parts and accessories to order a Primo base, gourmet roasting and air frying kit, or a two-piece pizza kit.

What types of meals can be cooked in the Primo Grill Oven?

Cook anything from seafood entrees and roasted vegetables to grilled steaks, succulent chicken, and rich desserts. See all of our exquisite Nuwave Primo Oven recipes for even more meals that you can make using the Primo Grill Oven.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Long
Excellent product

Can add nothing

Gerald Oliver

Fan blades are hitting the metal cover in the top when it is heating up. May be a blade bent just a bit or fan needs to be repositioned on the shaft. No issue when warmed.


NuWave Primo Grill Oven


This grilled oven is fantastic and ease of use. My family loves it.

I love this appliance

I've had 2 of these now and worn both of them out. They are perfect go to appliance. Now, they are temporarily out of stock and I can't get another one.

Unreal - love this Nuwave oven

I love the choice of adjusting actual temp (ie 350f to 300f etc) and more so the ability to adjust how the heat will distribute top/bottom - had a nuwave before for many many years and even though it still works great, i love the new technoogy in this product - every house should have one.