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Meet The NuWave OxyPure®

Designed and built for long-term effectiveness, the NuWave OxyPure® Smart Air Purifier and NuWave OxyPure Zero™ Smart Air Purifier quickly removes indoor air pollution and pathogens from the air in your home.

NuWave OxyPure® Features

Air Quality Sensors
With the OxyPure’s color-coded display, you will know at a glance how clean, or dirty, your air is, and be able to take action immediately.
Odor Sensors
The OxyPure’s advanced odor detection system alerts you in real time to odor issues in the air, allowing you to eradicate them quickly and easily.
Adjustable Fan Speeds
The OxyPure's powerful, whisper-quiet DC Motor offers a full range of fan speeds from a gentle breeze to turbo, that lets you clean the air at your pace, and comfort level.
Wi-Fi Enabled
You can track, monitor, and operate the OxyPure from virtually anywhere using the NuWave Connect app and your smartphone.

NuWave OxyPure® Functions

Auto Mode
n this mode, the OxyPure’s fan speed automatically adjusts based on the air quality and odor levels. So for example, if the air quality is at level 3 then the fan speed will automatically be set to 3.
Eco Mode
The OxyPure stays off until it detects poor air quality. Once it does, it automatically goes to the highest fan level until the air improves, and then it shuts off. This function, unique to the OxyPure, is a huge energy-saver.
Sleep Mode
This mode automatically turns off all indicator lights and allows for flexible fan speeds and noise levels to promote ideal sleeping conditions.
Ultimate Clean Mode
The OxyPure remains at fan speed 1 until it detects poor air quality or odor levels at which point it automatically kicks into turbo mode until the air is clean.

What You Get With The NuWave OxyPure®

5-Stage Filtration System
The stainless steel Pre-Filter, high-tech Bio-Guard Filter, Ozone Removal Filter and combination HEPA/Carbon Filter work together to keep your home safe and clean.
360° Air Intake
Allows the OxyPure to be positioned anywhere in a room since it pulls in air from all directions at once.
Clean Air In Large Rooms
The OxyPure has been tested and proven to remove up to 99.99% of airborne bacteria, 99.96% of airborne viruses and 100% of particles as small as 0.09 microns in rooms up to 2,671 sq ft.

What You Get With The NuWave OxyPure Zero

Dual 4-Stage Filtration System
With two Stainless Steel Pre-Filters, 2 high-tech Bio-Guard Filters, two Ozone Removal Filters and the patent-pending Bio-Guard 360 Filter work together to keep your home safe and clean.
Zero Replacement Filters
Each one of the OxyPure Zero’s filters is 100% reusable, meaning you’ll never have to pay for replacement filters throughout the life of your air purifier.
Clean Air In Large Rooms
The OxyPure Zero has been tested and proven to remove up to 99.97% of airborne bacteria, viruses and mold along with and 100% of particles as small as 0.1 microns in rooms up to 2,002 sq ft.
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