Free HEPA/Carbon Filters for the Lifetime of the OxyPure Smart Air Purifier

Rules and Conditions
  1. This offer applies only to the original purchaser of a new OxyPure, or anyone who received a new OxyPure as a gift from the original purchaser.
  2. Said purchase must have been made in an approved retail store, through an approved online vendor, or in direct response to a Nuwave infomercial or other Nuwave advertisement.
  3. This offer is not valid if the OxyPure was purchased or received from an unapproved online vendor.
  4. This offer is not valid if the OxyPure was purchased or received as a used item from a retail store, any type of resale shop, any type of online vendor, or from an individual.
  5. The name and address (or name and URL if online) of the seller, the Purchase or Receipt Number, the Date of Purchase, the Model Number and the Serial Number are required to take part in this promotion.
  6. This promotion is valid for 6 months after the Date of Purchase. After the 6 months, it is null and void.
  7. This promotion is valid only within the 48 contiguous states.

Nuwave will replace OxyPure’s HEPA/Carbon filter once a year beginning from the second year of the original purchase date of Nuwave’s OxyPure Smart Air Purifier. Simply contact Nuwave to redeem the HEPA/Carbon filter once a year. This promotion is only valid for U.S residents in the 48 contiguous states who purchased the OxyPure directly from Nuwave’s website or through Nuwave's infomercial. Accordingly, a proof of purchase showing the date of original purchase is required. This promotion is valid for the original owner and does not apply to the OxyPure purchased via unauthorized third-party dealers (i.e., eBay, unauthorized Amazon sellers, etc.). If the original owner opted for payment plans, the purchase must be paid-in-full before taking advantage of the promotion. Only the HEPA/Carbon filters are eligible for replacement, plus processing and handling charge, over the lifetime of the OxyPure Smart Air Purifier. This promotion requires the qualified customers to update his/her address regularly to ensure that the HEPA/Carbon filter is shipped to correct address. This replenishment promotion is strictly for the HEPA/Carbon filter. Other accessories or parts in the OxyPure Smart Air Purifier are not part of this promotion. The replenished HEPA/Carbon filter cannot be transferred or exchanged for other parts or accessories. The processing and handling (P&H) fee is not included in the promotion. A nominal P&H fee will be charged at the time of fulfillment. The estimated P&H fee for the 48 contiguous states is $14.95, and delivery lead-time is estimated to be 3-7 business days depending on your delivery location. The P&H fee is subject to change based on shipping rates, cost of packaging, etc. in the future.

Just in case something happens to the HEPA/Carbon filter shipped, Nuwave will replace it for free in the contiguous United States (3-7 business days). Nuwave is not responsible for failure of performance if caused by: an act of war, hostility, terrorism, or sabotage, act of God, labor or contractor difficulties, bankruptcy, discontinuation of the product, or other event outside the reasonable control of Nuwave. This replenishment promotion is non-transferable.