Day 2 - 6-quart Brio Bundle - Nuwave
Day 2 - 6-quart Brio Bundle - Nuwave

Day 2 - 6-quart Brio Bundle

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37016 (Brio 6qt)
Product Description

6-quart Nuwave Brio® Digital Air Fryer

The 6-quart Nuwave Brio Digital Air Fryer boasts precise temperature control, able to cook between 60 and 400°F, adjustable in 5° increments. The Brio includes a unique Pre-Heat function, which helps ensure crispy results with less waiting, as well as convenient Sear, Stage, Warm and Delay functions. This smart air fryer also includes an integrated temperature probe that measures the internal temperature of your food while it cooks. Plus, nearly all parts easily separate and are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

2-piece Cooking Set

This versatile Cooking Set includes the Reversible Cooking Rack and the Nuwave Brio Baking Pan. The dishwasher-safe, stainless steel Reversible Cooking Rack can be placed inside the Nuwave Brio to help you make the most of the Fry Basket's 6-quart capacity. Designed exclusively for the 6-quart Nuwave Brio Digital Air Fryer, the non-stick Baking Pan is perfect for baking everything from macaroni and cheese to small casseroles, eggs and even vegetables in the Nuwave Brio.

Nuwave Brio Breakfast Kit

Now breakfast is easier than ever to make in the 6-quart Nuwave Brio with this incredibly useful kit. The reusable Silicone Egg Liners are perfect for baking eggs, muffins, biscuits, cupcakes and more. The Stainless Steel Toaster Rack helps you make perfect toast and waffles in less time. And the Stainless Steel Bacon Rack makes perfectly crispy bacon without the mess.

Nuwave Brio Grill Pan

Designed exclusively for the 6-quart Brio model, the Grill Pan is perfect for grilling steaks, chops, shrimp and everything in between. Enjoy food that’s perfectly seared on the outside, yet tender and juicy on the inside. With no open flame or smoke, you can get that great BBQ taste all year round, ready to enjoy in minutes. The dishwasher-safe Grill Pan is even non-stick, so you don’t have to add any extra unhealthy oil when grilling.

This Package Includes:
  • 6-quart Nuwave Brio® Digital Air Fryer
  • 2-piece Cooking Set
    • Non-Stick Baking Pan
    • Reversible Rack
  • Nuwave Brio Breakfast Kit
    • (6) Silicone Egg Liners
    • Stainless Steel Toaster Rack
    • Stainless Steel Bacon Rack
  • Nuwave Brio Grill Pan

Customer Reviews

Based on 1143 reviews
JD Damon
Our second one!

We liked the first one so much that when it finally died we bought another just like it! If you are upgrading from a toaster over to an air fryer this is the unit for you!!

Britni Patterson

It was a Christmas gift so Not used yet.

Not 60 days old and it’s dead

Without any warning the fryer doesn’t turn on. Have checked all power sources to no avail. We’re very disappointed since this model had great reviews. Not sure of our next steps but for now the fryer is dead.

Lawrence Shockley

Your add says there is a bake setting on the unit. Where is it.

bill monteith

I have never received anything I ordered


I have Model 37001 Great for cooking but a very poor product development team. Apparently, they don't give the product a real test. The number/letter is wearing off and the drawer light "open" won't go off unless I strap the drawer closed