Duralon Blue Non-Stick Cookware 3-Piece Set

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What You Get

8-inch Fry Pan

10-inch Fry Pan

12-inch Fry Pan

8-inch Fry Pan

10-inch Fry Pan

12-inch Fry Pan

8-inch Fry Pan

10-inch Fry Pan

12-inch Fry Pan

8-inch Fry Pan

10-inch Fry Pan

12-inch Fry Pan

8-inch Fry Pan

10-inch Fry Pan

12-inch Fry Pan

Duralon Blue 3pc Ceramic Non-Stick set LBSKG
8" Fry Pan1.3 lbs0.6 kg
10" Fry Pan1.85 lbs0.85 kg
12" Fry Pan2.45 lbs1.1 kg
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Healthy Ceramic
Non-Stick Coating

Here at NuWave, we have been developing and constantly improving our ceramic coating since 2010 with Duralon Blue being our 10th generation of non-stick coating and our best yet!

No Harsh Chemicals

The eco-friendly, ultra-non-stick Duralon Blue is an all-natural ceramic coating free from harmful chemicals like PTFE, PFOA, lead, cadmium, and heavy metals. And since it is inorganic, the coating does not emit toxic gas or forever chemicals at high temperatures.

Designed &
Developed In USA

Our highly trained team of chefs and engineers obsessed over every detail in pursuit of cookware with the best possible performance and long-lasting durability.

NuWave Duralon Blue Cookware Overview

Premium Forged Construction

The forged aluminum core is durable, lightweight and distributes heat evenly. The high-temperature exterior makes the cookware long lasting while the stainless steel induction-ready plate helps retain heat for longer.

Scratch-Resistant Coating

The Duralon Blue Ceramic Coating is rated at a 9H hardness, just below the highest rating of 10H. This means that the coating will resist abrasions and corrosion, it won’t chip or discolor and will remain non-stick for longer.

10-Year Warranty

Get the peace of mind knowing that every piece of your frying pan set is covered with the 10-year limited manufacturer warranty.


Every piece of cookware is bonded and reinforced with an anti-warp stainless steel plate on the bottom to make it induction-ready. This bonding delivers fast, even heat distribution and superior heat retention at any temperature.


Each piece of this cookware set is designed to be safe for use on electric and gas stoves while also being oven-safe up to 500°F for a seamless transition from cooktop to oven while you cook.

Easy Cleanup

The ultra-non-stick Duralon Blue Ceramic Coating provides superior food release. Food slides smoothly along the surface so when you’re done cooking, you can simply wipe the pans clean. No scrubbing required.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Absolutely Love

I've been using your cookware for many years for my induction cooking and love it to no end ! My only complaint is that you are out of stock on separate pots and pans almost all of the time !

Mama Jo
NuWave Duralon Cookware

I've ordered several of the Nuwave Duralon cookware items in past couple of yrs. and use them al the time with no problems at all, they still look like new. Everything cooks perfectly and nothing burning or sticking. I love the way they clean up easily too - just wipe them out with a paper towel before hand washing with warm to hot soapy water. I follow the directions that show how to use them and never put them into dishwasher.

Great cookware

I've had my set of cookware about 1 year and I'm very pleased with it. I cook on a gas stove and always use silicone tools to make sure I don't scratch the coating. I did learn early on that you can't fry an egg without a little bit of oil, but even that cleaned up easily.

Colorado Cook
After a year - I love this cookware!

Bought Nuwave cookware to use on my new induction cooktop. Love the cookware. It heats evenly and food doesn't stick. Sizes of pans are just right!

Great Cookware

I have several products from pots and pans to cooking appliances that I bought from this company and i am very happy .

nuwave cookwear

I am impressed with my nuwave cooktop pro # 30301, but the "perfect green cookwear "?? food started sticking to it really bad after a few uses. not impressed. is there a way to "season" the skillets?