Todd English Pro-Smart Grill

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Outside Dimensions: 14" (L) x 14" (W) x 15" (H)

Inside Dimensions: 10.6" (L) x 11.5" (W) x 7.5" (H)

Weight: 21.4 lbs

Voltage: 120 V

Wattage: 1800 W

Meet the Todd English Pro-Smart Grill

Todd English

The world-renowned chef, restaurateur, and tv personality with decades of culinary experience under his belt has teamed up with Nuwave to bring you a whole new way to cook like a pro no matter your experience level – the Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill. We are excited to introduce our line of Todd English countertop cooking appliances, including the Pro-Smart™ Grill.

Combo Cooking

Combine the heat from the Powerport Smart Grill on the bottom and the convection heat coming from the top of the Pro-Smart™ Grill, and you’ll be cooking your food on all sides at once for tastier results made faster and easier.

Super Precise Cooking

The patented Linear T Thermal Technology keeps the Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill at a precise, consistent temperature between 50°F and 500°F with virtually no fluctuations, so you can be confident that the temperature you set is the temperature you get.

Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill Overview

Indoor Grilling

The Powerport Smart Grill utilizes 100% direct conduction heat thanks to a consistent power supply that allows the grill itself to generate heat. The non-stick Nuwave Pro-Smart™ Grill reaches temperatures up to 550°F, so you can seal in the juices and enjoy the same great grill marks you’d get on a traditional outdoor grill.

No More Guesswork

The digital temperature probe measures the internal temperature of your food as it cooks. Once your food reaches the desired temperature, the probe can shut off the Pro-Smart™ Grill preventing over and undercooking.

Intuitive Digital Controls

The Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill puts you in control. You can select from 100 preset cooking functions, or customize your settings with a simple turn of the dial. The digital display even prompts you when to flip, stir, brush, or shake your food at just the right time.

Multi-Layer Cooking

The Nuwave Pro-Smart™ Grill makes it incredibly easy to cook complete family meals all at once with its multi-level design. Grill your entrée on the Powerport Grill, and air fry your side in the air fry basket above for a delicious meal made quick and easy.

Safer Home Cooking

The Todd English Grill is designed to keep the hot air inside the cooking chamber. The heat-resistant door and cool-to-the-touch handle minimize the risk of accidental burns as well.

Easy Cleanup

No more wasting time after a delicious meal scrubbing a sink full of dirty pots and pans. By cooking your entire meal in the Pro-Smart™ Grill, you’ll just have a few removable parts to clean. Best of all, many of these parts are even dishwasher-safe to help make cleanup even faster.


What are the best uses for the Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill?

Cook an entire meal in the Nuwave Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill, with its excellent functionality. Due to the multiple levels in the Pro-Smart™ Grill, you can grill, cook, air fry, and more all at the same time while using this kitchen countertop appliance.

What types of food can the Todd English grill cook?

The Nuwave Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill can cook sides, main entrees, desserts, and more. See all our delicious Todd English Grill recipes to make burgers, steaks, salmon, tuna, pork tenderloin, chicken, roasted vegetables, pies, and pasta.

What are some of the best Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill recipes?
How does the Todd English Grill work?

The Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill provides you with precise cooking temperatures, perfect for any recipe because it uses patented Linear T Thermal Technology that ensures virtually no fluctuations in temperature once you set the cooking temperature. The PowerPort Smart Grill has 100% conduction heat, and the Pro-Smart™ Grill includes a digital temperature probe that accurately determines the internal temperature of the food so you can cook like a professional chef. The Pro-Smart™ Grill will shut off once the food reaches that temperature.

What sets the Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill apart from other Nuwave ovens and grills?

The Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill can do it all conveniently in one kitchen countertop appliance. Compared to our line of other Nuwave ovens and grills, the Pro-Smart™ Grill has technology and advancements which provide even more information to the user on the digital display, such as when to turn the food over, stir, or brush your food.

What temperatures can the Nuwave Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill reach?

When you cook with the state-of-the-art Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill, you can expect to cook at any temperature from 50°F all the way to 550°F. Simply set your desired cooking temperature, and once the food reaches the pre-set internal temperature, the Pro-Smart™ Grill will shut off to avoid overcooking your food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
Jessica Rose
But does it toast?!

Anticipated arrival of this model to replace my current countertop oven; however, I noticed all these features, but where is the darn toast feature? Does it not have a simple button/setting for toast?! Someone help, it’s a deal-breaker. All the instructions are initially over-whelming because it does soooo much. Again, 100 presets and no toast?
I need a study guide to break down all the stuff: memory recall, stage, combo, menu etc. Haven’t cooked in it yet, but the unboxing and getting started is a lot.

I was waiting for this smart oven with WiFi &BlueT

I bought this new NuWave smart oven five weeks ago love it . Previously, I had the NuWave bravo XL very good also but I needed one with Wi-Fi thanks great idea works very well, much better than some more expensive ones which I give away after receiving the smart pro oven. Tossed well, air fry bake, broil, proof,Grill, and much more Great product.

NuWave for life
Amazing Technology

I received the pro-grill from my wife for my birthday. I asked for a ring but I'm so happy I got this!! This cooks meat perfectly... I've never had meat this good even at a fine dining restaurant!! The probe makes it idiot proof and it perfect!! You cook almost your entire dinner at once and there are so many recipes that I don't see us getting through all of them very soon!! #incrediblysmartbuy

Love this

I was so happy when I received this my air fryer had just stopped working, literally heaven sent. I gave my self enough time to review, this is perfect even better than my old gourmeia air fryer. The only thing is I wish it was more compact it does take up most of my countertop. I've made so many dinners with this, and look forward to making so many more.

Great product

Great oven, would recommend spending the money to get this oven. Many varieties of foods you can cook in this oven, it is a little large.

The Kitchen Gadget I didn't Know I Needed

This is such a game changer. When I don't want o heat up my whole apt with the full size oven, enter the NuWave! This thing can do everything! I've air fried, I've baked, I've re heated, I've toasted. This is truly a magic kitchen addition. I use it regularly and don't know how I loved so long without it. My only complaint is I haven't quite figured out to keep the oil from sometimes setting off my super sensitive smoke smoke alarm. I would absolutely recommend the NuWave, especially in a small apartment like mine.