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Our Mission

NuWave, LLC, the producer and distributor of the fine line of NuWave housewares since 1993, is a customer-centric company that prides itself on the safety, eco-consciousness, versatility, and quality of our products as well as the way they help to ensure a healthy life for everyone, everywhere.

Health, Safety, Quality of Life, and Environmental Awareness are more than just pretty words. They are our passion, our mission, and the meaning of our motto, Live Well for Less.

We want every household product we manufacture to impact consumer health for the better. Our healthy home cooking appliances are proven to lower cholesterol, reduce fat intake and provide the necessary convenience to make planning and preparation of wholesome meals as easy as ordering take-out. The NuWave line of air purifiers quickly and efficiently clean the air to eliminate virtually all airborne pollutants and irritants, ensuring our customers can enjoy safe, clean air.

Household safety is very important at NuWave. Our products are engineered for security and peace of mind. Each one of our products is designed with built-in safety features to virtually eliminate the risk of fire, injury or other accidents while operating our products. Additionally, we engineer our goods to meet a lifespan of up to and over 20 years.

Quality of Life
In addition to health and safety, NuWave strives to save you money at the grocery store and on your monthly utility bills. Our cooking appliance use up to 75% less energy than conventional cooking methods while our OxyPure Smart Air Purifier can use as little as 8.9 watts to clean the air in your home. While saving on bills you will also help reduce waste produced into the environment.

Environmental Awareness
NuWave LLC. views "green" technology in the kitchen as more than a trendy fad. This is evidenced, for example, by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive-compliancy (RoHS) of everything we produce. We believe in marketing long-lasting, environmentally conscious, chemical-free housewares that are both convenient and affordable for busy families. NuWave is a leader in innovation. We ensure authenticity by conducting all research and development onsite in our corporate office in Vernon Hills, IL. We design products that promote efficiency and value while enhancing the customer’s quality of life.

Our Way

To accomplish our mission, we ensure that every facet of our business is driven by consumer needs, adheres to the law, is guided by moral principles focused on doing the right thing, and meets the highest standards of design and quality.

Consumer Needs
Since 1993, NuWave has offered our customers the best home products that money can buy, building a customer base all over the world that is founded in trust and dependability. In addition to rugged, long-lasting products, we offer top-drawer support and product information provided through standard telephone and email communication as well as live web chat and social media engagement, all to ensure our customers have all resources they may need to be successful with their purchases.

Adherence to the Law
Our international footprint means that we are not only subject to local, state, and federal laws and regulations, but international law and the laws of the countries where we sell our products as well. We are diligent in following all of them as it is the best way to make sure our customers get the products they want quickly and easily.

Adherence to Company Policies
NuWave’s company policies help to keep our products out before the public. Ethical business practices, a collaborative working style, and rules that raise productivity and promote creativity all come together to create a working environment where great things happen.

Adherence to a Moral Code: Doing the Right Thing
NuWave’s moral code focuses on two things: the customer and the world. In every calculation, every design, we ask, “What is healthiest, and safest, for our customer?” We also ask, “What is best for our environment?” These answers guide us to create safe, healthy, long-lasting products that promote good living and a cleaner environment.

Adherence to Quality
We strive to go above and beyond our customers' expectations by providing top quality appliances that meet their needs today and will continue to meet their needs in the years to come. That means ruggedly built products, made from biologically safe materials that will last for years, reducing both the exposure our customers have to potentially hazardous chemicals like PFAS, as well as the number of appliances finding their way into the nation’s landfills. It also means products that are easy to use and highly versatile, capable of handling numerous tasks, which reduces the need for additional appliances and that is also good for the environment.

We’re proud of our products and look forward to partnering with our informed customers to develop the next generation of sustainable, health-conscious, value-driven housewares.

Our History

NuWave, LLC is a limited liability company that sells consumer appliance products. Headquartered in Vernon Hills, IL, the company is well known for direct marketing via television infomercials, social media and e-commerce web marketing, as well as retail to sell their products.

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