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Our induction cooktops are the perfect addition to your kitchen. These energy-efficient precision induction cooktops fit perfectly on the kitchen counter and can be stored elsewhere when not in use. Since they are compact, the induction cooktops are portable and make travel convenient when you are bringing a dish to a party and the meal needs to reheat.

Functional and easy to use, our precision induction cooktops pair perfectly with our Duralon non-stick induction cookware. Cook, sear, sauté, boil, and reheat food in a timely manner while only heating the induction cookware. There are no open flames with our cooktops, and they heat food faster than your average electric or gas stove.

We’ve designed our induction cooktops to be energy efficient, with digital controls that allow you to cook your food to the desired temperature. Enjoy easy cleanup with our precision induction cooktops. Simply wipe the ceramic glass induction cooktop once it’s cool to the touch with a damp cloth.

See our selection of induction cooktops, including the PIC Flex, PIC Gold, PIC Double, PIC Pro Chef, and our Mosaic Induction Wok. Get inspired by some of our favorite precision induction cooktop recipes, including Apple-Bacon Grilled Cheese, Garlic Mussels With Pasta, and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries.

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