Bravo XL Oven

Feature Questions

  • 1. Menu

    While you can customize your settings and set your own preferred cooking times and temperatures, the Nuwave Bravo XL includes 12 presets built right into the oven, making it even easier to cook some of your favorite foods. These 12 pre-programmed menu options are built right into the Bravo XL and each offer their own standard cooking time, cooking temperature, heat source and fan speed.

  • 2. Top/Bottom

    The Nuwave Bravo XL features two heating elements – one on the top of the unit and one on the bottom. By pressing the Top/Bottom button, you can select whether you want to cook with the top heating element, bottom heating element, or both at the same time. Broil with the top heater, bake with the bottom heater, or roast with both. The possibilities are endless.

  • 3. Prog

    The Bravo XL includes 100 presets for various vegetables, meat and poultry, Fish and Seafood, Frozen Food, Baking and Dehydrated Food. The directory for all 100 programs is listed in the Quick Start Guide, you can edit those or create your own presets and save them by holding down the Prog button. After being saved your own presets will save from Prog 101 and up.

  • 4. Preheat

    When you press the Preheat button the Preheat will activate or deactivate on the Bravo XL.

  • 5. Warm

    If your Bravo XL meal is done cooking but you’re not ready to eat yet, simply press the Warm button to keep your food hot without drying it out or overcooking. By default, the Warm button keeps the Bravo XL at 140°F for 1 hour.

  • 6. Stage

    You can program the Bravo XL to execute up to 5 different cooking stages all on its own, so you don’t have to manually adjust the cooking temperature. For example, you can program the Bravo XL to cook at 400°F for 6 minutes, then automatically reduce the heat to 350°F for 20 minutes. The Bravo XL does all the work for you!

  • 7. Fan

    The Bravo XL lets you choose from 3 different fan speeds when cooking your food. Higher speeds will result in faster air flow and faster heat circulation, resulting in crispier food.

  • 8. Sear

    The Nuwave Bravo XL offers multiple ways to sear your food at 450°F. The Sear 1 setting will sear your food before cooking while the Sear 2 setting will sear your food after cooking. You can choose to use one of these functions or both when preparing your meals in the Bravo.

  • 9. Probe

    To use the digital temperature probe, first insert the probe into the port on the unit then press the Probe button. Select the desired temperature, insert the probe into the thicker part of the food and press start to begin cooking.

Product Questions

  • 1. How does the Nuwave Bravo XL work?

    The Nuwave Bravo XL Oven uses convection-heating technology that circulates hot air around the food for faster cooking times and healthier, more delicious meals. The intense heating process ensures that the majority of high-calorie fats and oils drip off of the foods while the more nutritious, flavorful natural juices remain intact.

  • 2. What do I do with the temperature probe?

    The Nuwave Bravo XL includes a built-in sensor that measures your food’s internal temperatures in amazingly precise 1-degree increments. This Integrated Digital Temperature Probe ensures perfect results for meat, seafood and poultry – each and every time – and eliminates the possibility of undercooking or overcooking. Simply set the desired internal temperature you want your food to reach and the Bravo XL can shut off automatically once your food reaches that temperature.

  • 3. What do the different rack positions do?

    • The Nuwave Bravo XL offers different cooking rack configurations so that no matter what you’re cooking or how you’re cooking it, you can configure your Bravo XL to just the right position for the best results. For a whole chicken or other large items use Position 1.
    • Position 1 (bottom): Air Fry, Reheat, Roast, Broil, Frozen, Grill and Dehydrate
    • Position 2: Air Fry, Reheat, Waffle, Bake, Pizza, Broil, Frozen, Dehydrate, Toast and Bagel
    • Position 3: Air Fry, Reheat, Waffle, Bake, Pizza, Frozen, Dehydrate, Toast and Bagel
    • Position 4 (top): Reheat, Frozen, Dehydrate, Toast and Bagel
  • 4. How much food can I fit in my Nuwave Bravo XL?

    The Nuwave Bravo XL has enough room to cook a 10-pound chicken, a 6-pound roast, a 13-inch pizza or 9 slices of toast.

  • 5. Does the Nuwave Bravo XL create smoke?

    When cooking foods with high fat content, excess grease and oil may collect in the Bravo XL’s crumb tray or on the bottom heating element. When this happens, the oil may be heated to the point of smoking. Under normal circumstances, this will not harm the Nuwave Bravo XL. If smoke continues to emanate from the Nuwave Bravo XL even after cleaning, contact customer service. Always exercise caution when opening the Bravo XL and be sure to clean the unit after every use.

  • 6. How do I clean my Nuwave Bravo XL?

    • To clean the Racks, Pans, and Basket: Clean the Cooking Racks, Baking Pan, Broiler Rack, Air Fry Basket thoroughly with hot water, a nonabrasive sponge, and mild dish detergent, or in the dishwasher (top rack only).
    • To clean the Bravo XL: Wipe the insides and outside of the appliance with a damp dishcloth or wet cloth and dry thoroughly. You may use a glass cleaner sprayed onto a clean cloth towel to clean the glass window inside and out, followed by a damp towel to rinse the window.
    • To clean the Crumb Tray: To remove crumbs, slide out the Crumb Tray and discard crumbs. Wipe clean and replace. The Crumb Tray should be emptied and cleaned after each use. If there is baked-on grease, soak Tray in hot, soapy water before wiping it clean with a nonabrasive sponge or placing it in the dishwasher (top rack only). Never operate the Bravo XL without the Crumb Tray in place.

    Helpful Hints:

    • Allow the Bravo XL to cool completely before cleaning.
    • Always unplug the Bravo XL before cleaning it.
    • Never use steel wool pads, harsh abrasives, or corrosive cleansers. These may damage the finish or oven surface.
    • Apply the cleaning agent directly to a cloth towel, not directly to the unit, before cleaning.
    • Do not immerse the Bravo XL in water or attempt to cycle it through the dishwasher.
  • 7. Can the Bravo XL cook frozen food?

    Yes, you can cook right from frozen in the Bravo XL.

  • 8. What is the heating element? When does the middle heating element turn on?

    • The heating elements are the quartz tubes situated in the top and bottom of the Bravo XL. There are three on the top and two on the bottom and you can independently adjust how much power goes to each set of heating elements on the top and bottom.
    • The middle heating element only turns on when you select the Broil function.
  • 9. Why are there different wattage options?

    We provide you with three wattage options to operate the Bravo XL to ensure energy savings and accommodation for customers living in various conditions. By selecting a lower wattage, the Bravo XL can be used in places like a college dorm, mobile home, a trailer with a generator or virtually anywhere else with a limited power supply.

  • 10. I preheat my Bravo XL and it turns off after 5 minutes, why does this happen?

    • The Bravo XL is designed so that after the unit preheats, it goes into standby mode for up to 5 minutes where it maintains the set temperature and gives the user time to place their food inside the unit to cook. While the Bravo XL is in standby mode, simply add the food you would like to cook and press "Start". The unit will then start operating according to the temperature and time you previously inputted. If you do not add your food and press "Start" within 5 minutes, the Bravo XL will automatically shut off.
    • Remember, you can always change the temperature and time during the cooking process by selecting temperature or time and turning the dial.

Other Questions

  • 1. What is the warranty?

    • The Nuwave Bravo XL Convection Oven includes a 1-year warranty. See more information in the Support tab under Warranty filtered by product.
    • If you want to start a warranty claim, go to the Support tab on nuwavenow.com and click on "Warranty Claims" to start one.
  • 2. What if I can’t find the manual and recipe book for my Nuwave Bravo XL?

    Don’t worry, you can always download printer support materials on the Product Page or from the Support tab, which will be sorted by product.