Todd English Pro-Smart Grill

Feature Questions

  • 1. Delay

    You can delay the start of your programmed cooking functions by up to 24 hours with the Delay function. This way you can ensure your Pro-Smart™ Grill meal is ready to eat at the perfect time.

  • 2. Sear

    The Pro-Smart™ Grill offers multiple ways to sear your food at 450°F. The Sear 1 setting will sear your food before cooking while the Sear 2 setting will sear your food after cooking. You can choose to use one of these functions or both when preparing your meals in the Pro-Smart™ Grill.

  • 3. Air Fry

    This setting allows the Pro-Smart™ Grill to cook with the top heater only, defaulting to cooking at 350°F for 15 minutes, which can be adjusted.

  • 4. Grill

    This setting allows the Pro-Smart™ Grill to cook with the Powerport grill only, defaulting to cooking at 450°F for 15 minutes, which can be adjusted.

  • 5. Combo

    This setting allows the Pro-Smart™ Grill to cook with both the top heater and the Powerport Grill at the same time. By default, the heat is set at 30% top heater and 70% bottom. These numbers can be adjusted in 5% increments but the total percentage will always be 100%.

  • 6. Preheat

    Preheating the Pro-Smart™ Grill to your set cooking temperature ensures faster cooking times and crispier, tastier results. The unit automatically preheats to your set temperature and beeps twice once it reaches that temperature, indicating it’s time to place your food inside the grill. You can cancel the preheat process by pressing Preheat/Warm. You can turn automatic preheat off or on by pressing Menu and Preheat together.

  • 7. Warm

    If your Pro-Smart™ Grill meal is done cooking but you’re not ready to eat yet, simply press the Warm button to keep your food hot without drying it out or overcooking. By default, the Warm button keeps the Pro-Smart™ Grill at 140°F for 1 hour.

  • 8. Stage

    You can program the Pro-Smart™ Grill to execute up to 5 different cooking stages all on its own, so you don’t have to manually adjust the cooking temperature. For example, you can program the Pro-Smart™ Grill to cook at 400°F for 6 minutes, then automatically reduce the heat to 350°F for 20 minutes. The Pro-Smart™ Grill does all the work for you!

  • 8. Slow Cook

    This function allows the Pro-Smart™ Grill to slow roast your food at temperatures between 175°F and 235°F. This mode requires the temperature probe. Once this function is activated, the Pro-Smart™ Grill will default to cook at 190°F with a target probe temperature of 165°F, both of which can be adjusted.

Product Questions

  • 1. What are the specifications of the Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill?

    • Outside Dimensions: 14in x 14in x 15in
    • Inside Dimensions: 10.6in x 11.5in x 7.5in
    • Weight: 21.4 pounds
    • Wattage: 1800 watts
    • Voltage: 120 volts
  • 2. How does the Pro-Smart™ Grill work?

    The Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill combines indoor grilling technology with both infrared and convection heating technology to deliver the best of an outdoor grill and convection oven all in one. Seal in the juices with the Powerport grill while the convection fan circulates hot air all around your food for food that’s cooked on all sides at once.

  • 3. What do I do with the temperature probe?

    The Pro-Smart™ Grill includes a built-in sensor that measures your food’s internal temperatures in amazingly precise 1-degree increments. This Integrated Digital Temperature Probe ensures perfect results for meat, seafood and poultry – each and every time – and eliminates the possibility of undercooking or overcooking. Simply set the desired internal temperature you want your food to reach and the Pro-Smart™ Grill can shut off automatically once your food reaches that temperature.

  • 4. How do the shelf positions work?

    The Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill has 3 rack positions, with Position 1 at the bottom and Position 3 at the top, where most of your accessories can slide into the unit. Position 1 is also the level where the power coupling for the Grill is located at the back of the unit chamber. With the Grill’s plug facing into the unit, slide the Grill into Position 1, pushing until the power connection engages.

  • 5. How much food can I fit in my Pro-Smart™ Grill?

    The Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill has enough room to cook 4 burgers, 4 steaks, 6 chicken breasts, 1 (12-inch) pizza or a 6lb chicken.

  • 6. Does the Pro-Smart™ Grill create smoke?

    When cooking foods with high fat content, excess grease and oil may collect in the Pro-Smart™ Grill’s crumb tray or on the bottom heating element. When this happens, the oil may be heated to the point of smoking. Under normal circumstances, this will not harm the Pro-Smart™ Grill. If smoke continues to emanate from the Pro-Smart™ Grill even after cleaning, contact customer service. Always exercise caution when opening the Pro-Smart™ Grill and be sure to clean the unit after every use.

  • 7. How do I clean my Pro-Smart™ Grill?

    Allow the Pro-Smart™ Grill to cool completely before cleaning. All removable parts can be cleaned with hot water, a nonabrasive sponge and mild dish detergent. The Wire Rack, Powerport Grill, Air Fry Basket, Baking and Drip Pan are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The Temperature Probe should only be hand washed.

Other Questions

  • 1. What is the warranty?

    The Todd English Pro-Smart™ Grill includes a 1-year warranty.

  • 2. What if I can’t find the manual for my Todd English Pro-Smart Grill?

    • The Nuwave Primo includes a 1-year limited warranty with VIP service. See more information in the Support tab under Warranty filtered by product.
    • If you want to start a warranty claim, go to the Support tab on and click on "Warranty Claims" to start one.
  • 3. I can’t find the manual or recipe book for my Nuwave Primo. Where can I get a copy?

    Don’t worry, you can always download printer support materials on the Product Page or from the Support tab, which will be sorted by product.